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Find a Labor and Employment Lawyer

  • Rita A Meiser

    Rita A. Meiser has practiced law in Phoenix for over 30 years in the areas of adoption and employment defense law with special emphasis on indepdenent investigations. In her adoption practice, Ms. Meiser provides a full range of legal counseling and representation on behalf of prospective adoptive families, birth parents and adoption agencies.  Her practice includes a special emphasis on private adoptions and interstate adoptions.  She has experience in relative adoptions, including step-parent and grandparent adoption, as well as single parent and foster care adoptions. In...more

    Phoenix, Arizona | Member Since: 10/23/1976

  • Donald A Wall

    Phoenix, Arizona | Member Since: 10/23/1982

  • Michael W L McCrory

    Tucson, Arizona | Member Since: 10/05/1974

  • Michael Napier

    Phoenix, Arizona | Member Since: 09/26/1970

  • Douglas A Schwab

    Phoenix, Arizona | Member Since: 10/16/1998

  • Troy P Foster

    Scottsdale, Arizona | Member Since: 10/19/1996

  • William A Richards

    Phoenix, Arizona | Member Since: 10/27/1990

  • Lawrence A Ruzow

    Flagstaff, Arizona | Member Since: 04/28/1973

  • Sandra K Sanders

    Phoenix, Arizona | Member Since: 10/19/1996

  • Wade R Swanson

    Phoenix, Arizona | Member Since: 10/25/1999

  • Daniel Maldonado

    Phoenix, Arizona | Member Since: 10/18/1997

  • Mary E Bruno

    Phoenix, Arizona | Member Since: 05/17/1997

  • Brian Kaven

    Phoenix, Arizona | Member Since: 09/23/1972

  • Janessa E Koenig

    Phoenix, Arizona | Member Since: 10/18/1997

  • Jodi R Preudhomme

    Tempe, Arizona | Member Since: 10/18/1997

  • Michelle Ray Matheson

    Ms. Matheson has significant employment and labor law experience in private practice as well as over three years experience as in-house counsel for America West Airlines and US Airways.  Immediately following law school, Ms. Matheson served for two years as a law clerk for the Hon. Kathryn H. Vratil, U.S. District Court of the District of Kansas.   In her capacity as Director of Legal Affairs for the airline, Ms. Matheson both defended and managed employment litigation across the United States.  She has handled more than 200 grievance and arbitration hearings with the...more

    Scottsdale, Arizona | Member Since: 05/21/1999

  • Thomas M Rogers

    Phoenix, Arizona | Member Since: 04/28/1973

  • John Escher III

    California | Member Since: 10/13/1979

  • Steven G Biddle

    Phoenix, Arizona | Member Since: 10/21/1989

  • Jay A Zweig

    Phoenix, Arizona | Member Since: 10/25/1986

  • Lauren Elisabeth Eiler

    Phoenix, Arizona | Member Since: 10/23/1982

  • John Alan Doran

    Phoenix, Arizona | Member Since: 10/21/1988

  • A Gregory Ramos

    Tennessee | Member Since: 10/04/1980

  • John C Kelly

    Phoenix, Arizona | Member Since: 10/21/1989

  • Cynthia L Jewett

    Tempe, Arizona | Member Since: 11/09/1985

  • Steven R Simon

    Phoenix, Arizona | Member Since: 10/22/1994

  • Ronald A Hartmann

    California | Member Since: 01/21/1998

  • Phillip A Austin

    Mesa, Arizona | Member Since: 04/28/1979

  • Darrel S Jackson

    Darrel Jackson grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and attended Arizona State University, where he earned a Bachelor's degree in History and a post-baccalaureate teaching degree. After serving as a high school teacher for several years, he returned to Arizona State to study law, graduating with honors from the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law in 1997. While in law school, he served as the Editor-in-Chief of the Arizona State Law Journal, was a national champion in the ABA negotiations competition, and received the Armstrong Award as the most outstanding graduate. After graduating, Mr....more

    Phoenix, Arizona | Member Since: 05/16/1998

  • Frederick J Thiele

    Washington | Member Since: 05/18/1996