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Darlene M Wauro

Assistant General Counsel

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U-Haul International




Status: Active  

Board Certified Specialization: None  

Professional Liability Insurance: Not required to report  

Admitted to Practice Law: 1992

Admitted to State Bar of Arizona: October 24, 1992

Other Language(s): None


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Areas of Law and Practice

Areas of Law Areas of Practice
Environmental Law, Natural Resources Clean Air Act, Chemical Regulation, Climate Change, Clean Water Act, Endangered Species, Environmental Administrative Law, Earth Movement, Coastal Environmental Law, Air Pollution, Air Quality, California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), Brownfields Redevelopment, Environmental Due Diligence, Environmental Health and Safety, Environmental Diseases, Environmental Dispute Resolution, Environmental Criminal Law, Environmental Criminal Defense, Environmental Cost Recovery, Environmental Corporate Law, Environmental Cleanup, Environmental Class Actions, Environmental Contamination, Environmental Compliance, Environmental Business Law, Environmental Bankruptcy, Environmental Auditing, Environmental Arbitration, Environmental Reinsurance, Environmental Regulation, Federal Insecticide, Environmental Risk Management, Environmental Penalties, Environmental Mediation, Environmental Real Estate, Environmental Permitting, Environmental Insurance Claims, Environmental Insurance, Environmental Insurance Defense, Environmental Insurance Coverage, Environmental Liability, Environmental Litigation, Environmental Lender Liability, Environmental Legislative Practice, Gas Pollution, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act, Habitat Conservation, Groundwater Contamination, Water Quality, Wetlands Protection, Water Pollution, Underground Storage Tanks, Wildlife Law, Wetlands Regulation, National Environmental policy Act (NEPA), Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material, Nuclear Waste, Oil Pollution, Indoor Air Quality, International Environmental Law, Landslides and Subsidence, Medical Waste, Hazardous Materials and Substances, Hazardous Materials Management, Hazardous Waste, Hazardous Materials Transportation, Hazardous Waste Management, Hazardous Waste Liability, Hazardous Waste Permits, Hazardous Waste Regulation, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), Protected Species, Sick Building Syndrome, Solid Waste, Property Remediation, Pollution, Pesticide Regulation, Oil Spills, Solid Waste Disposal, Solid Waste Management, Superfund, Solid Waste Regulation, Toxic Chemicals, Toxic Substance Liability, Toxic Substances, Toxic Substance Regulation
Intellectual Property Brand management, Biotechnology Patents, Chemical Intellectual Property, Business Method Patents, Biochemical Patents, Biotechnology Patent Prosecution, Artistic Property, Copyright Infringement, Copyright Licensing, Copyright Prosecution, Copyright Litigation, Computer Architecture Patents, Computer and Software Patents, Chemical Patent Prosecution, Chemical Patents, Intellectual Property Enforcement, Intellectual Property Arbitration, Intellectual Property Licensing, Intellectual Property Infringement, Electronic Intellectual Property, Electronic Patents, Industrial Property, Industrial Property Rights, Copyright Registration, Copyright Protection, Design Patents, Counterfeiting, Electrical Patents, Electro-Mechanical Patents, Electrical Patent Prosecution, Electrical Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Procurement, Intellectual Property Prosecution, Intellectual Property Portfolio Management, Intellectual Property Litigation, Intellectual Property Rights, Trademark Prosecution, Trademark Protection, Trademark Registration, Trademark Arbitration, Trademark Infringement, Trademark Licensing, Trademark Litigation, Proprietary Rights, Piracy, Protection of Personality, Service Marks, Trade Names, Trade Secret Misappropriation, Trade Dress, Theft of Trade Secrets, Medical Intellectual Property, Mechanical Patents, Mechanical Patent Prosecution, Mechanical Intellectual Property, Internet Trademarks, Internet Patents, Lanham Act, Literary Property, Internet Intellectual Property, Internet Copyright Law, International Patents, International Trademarks, International Licensing, International Patent Prosecution, International Intellectual Property, International Copyright Law, Patent Protection, Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property, Pharmaceutical Patent Prosecution, Pharmaceutical Patents, Patent Portfolio Management, Patent Prosecution, Patent Licensing, Patent Litigation, Medical Patents, Merchandising, Molecular Biology Patents, Metallurgical Patents, Patent Infringement, Patent Interference Practice, Patent Applications, New Media Law
Litigation Drug and Medical Device Litigation, Drug and Medical Device Defense, Defense Litigation, Diet Drug Litigation, Complex Litigation, Dalkon Shield Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Complex and Multi-District Litigation, Class Action Defense, Class Action Prosecution, Civil Litigation, Chemical Products Liability, Chemical Explosions, Breast Implant Litigation, Automotive Products Liability, Automotive Design Liability, Automotive Restraints, Automotive Warranty Law, Bicycle Products Liability, Biomedical Products Liability, Blood Bank Liability, Breach of Warranty, Automotive Crashworthiness, All Terrain Vehicle Products Liability, Airbag Injury, Trial Practice, Tobacco Litigation, U.S. Supreme Court Litigation, Vaccine Injury, Recreational Vehicle Products Liability, Seat Belt Injury, Tire/Rim Mismatch, Tire Defect Litigation, Propane Products Liability, Recreational Products Liability, Products Liability Subrogation, Products Liability Mediation, Federal Litigation, Firearms Litigation, Flammable Fabrics, Food Borne Disease, Heavy Equipment Products Liability, Heart Device Litigation, Gas Explosions, Food Products Liability, Engineering Products Liability, Elevator Liability, Drug Contamination, E-Discovery, Escalator Liability, Environmental Products Liability, Explosions, Federal Civil Litigation, Products Liability Insurance Coverage, Products Liability Defense, Product Warning Labels, Products Liability Arbitration, Product Recall, Product Safety, Product Defects, Product Failure, Industrial Products Liability, International litigation, Long-Arm Litigation, Lemon Law, Manufacturers Liability, Motorcycle Products Liability, Office Equipment Products Liability, Personal Injury Litigation, Welding Products Liability, Warranty Law, Vehicle Rollovers


  • Arizona (Active)

Law School

  • Arizona State

  • Last Updated: November 27, 2021
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  • Accept Credit Cards: No
  • Free Consultations: No

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