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Charles S Price


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Contact Information

Dickinson Wright PLLC
1850 N Central Ave Ste 1400, Phoenix, Arizona, 85004-4568




Status: Active  

Board Certified Specialization: None  

Professional Liability Insurance: Yes  

Admitted to Practice Law: 1980

Admitted to State Bar of Arizona: May 10, 1980

Other Language(s): None


Charles S. Price is a civil litigator and mediator, in the areas of securities fraud litigation (state and federal), contract, insurance, health care, and antitrust law, and corporate investigations. He has been a regular speaker and instructor in Continuing Legal Education seminars on civil procedure, trade secrets, and antitrust. He teaches negotiation to graduate business students at the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, and to lawyers and nonlawyers across the country through the Latz Negotiation Institute. Mr. Price is listed in the current editions of “Best Lawyers in America,” and “Who’s Who in American Law.” Mr. Price is listed in, and serves as a founding Director of, Arizona's Finest Lawyers Foundation. He was described in Gain the Edge, a book by negotiation expert Martin Latz, as a “master information-gatherer,” a “very effective negotiator,” and “one of the best lawyers I know.”                    

Areas of Law and Practice

Areas of Law Areas of Practice
Commercial Law Warehousing, Uniform Commercial Code, Secured Transactions, Retail Liability, Sale of Goods, International Sale of Goods, Negotiable Instruments, International Commercial Law, International Commercial Arbitration, Commercial Trusts, Complex Commercial Litigation, Commercial Crimes, Commercial Constitutional Law, Commercial Bad Faith, Commercial Arbitration, Commercial Transfers, Commercial Transactions, Commercial Mediation, Commercial Torts, Commercial Fraud, Commercial Liability, Commercial Litigation
Alternative Dispute Resolution Mediation, International Mediation, International Dispute Resolution, International Arbitration, Collaborative Law, Arbitration
Health Care Telemedicine, Systems, Public Health Law, Physicians Licensing, Physicians Contracts, Medicare and Medicaid Reimbursement, Medicare Fraud and Abuse, Medical Staff Credentialing, Medical Staff Contracts, Mental Health Law, Medicare Set Aside Arrangements, Nurses Licensing, Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect, physician Practices, Pharmacy Law, Patients Rights, Nursing Law, Nursing Home Regulation, Nursing Home Negligence, Nursing Home Liability, Nursing Home Litigation, Hospital Administration, Hospital Collections, Home Health Care, Health Maintenance Organizations, Hospital Liability Defense, Hospital Liability, Hospital Peer Review, Hospital Negligence, Health Law, Health Insurance Trusts, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Health Insurance Defense, Health Information Technology, Health Care Taxation, Health Insurance, Health Insurance Coverage, Managed Care Liability, Managed Care Contracts, Medicaid Planning, Medicaid Hearings, Medical Law, Medical Ethics, Medical Antitrust, Medical Collections, Hospital Security, Hospital Risk Management, Hospital Privilege, Hospital Premises Liability, Juvenile Diminished Capacity, Integrated Health Care Delivery Systems, Long Term Care, Managed Care, Health Care Licensing, Health Care Liability, Health Care Litigation, Health Care Mergers and Acquisitions, Health Care Regulation, Health Care Reimbursement, Health Care Privacy, Health Care Reform, Health Care Facility Licensing, Health Care Facility Regulation, Health Care Contracts, Health Care Corporate Law, Health Care Legislation, Health Care Insolvency, Health Care Fraud, Health Care Finance, Health Care Administration, Government Health Care Contracts, Health Care Compliance, Health Care Bankruptcy, Certificates of Need, Bioethics, Emergency Medical Services Law, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, Alternative Health Care Delivery, Adult Diminished Capacity
Intellectual Property Artistic Property, Biochemical Patents, Biotechnology Patent Prosecution, Brand management, Biotechnology Patents, Business Method Patents, Chemical Intellectual Property, Copyright Infringement, Copyright Licensing, Copyright Litigation, Copyright Prosecution, Chemical Patent Prosecution, Chemical Patents, Computer and Software Patents, Computer Architecture Patents, Copyright Protection, Copyright Registration, Counterfeiting, Design Patents, Electrical Intellectual Property, Electrical Patent Prosecution, Electrical Patents, Electro-Mechanical Patents, Intellectual Property Arbitration, Intellectual Property Enforcement, Intellectual Property Infringement, Intellectual Property Licensing, Industrial Property Rights, Industrial Property, Electronic Intellectual Property, Electronic Patents, Intellectual Property Litigation, Intellectual Property Portfolio Management, Intellectual Property Procurement, Intellectual Property Prosecution, Intellectual Property Rights, Theft of Trade Secrets, Trade Dress, Trade Secret Misappropriation, Trade Names, Service Marks, Protection of Personality, Piracy, Proprietary Rights, Trademark Protection, Trademark Prosecution, Trademark Registration, Trademark Infringement, Trademark Arbitration, Trademark Licensing, Trademark Litigation, Internet Copyright Law, Internet Intellectual Property, International Patents, International Trademarks, International Copyright Law, International Intellectual Property, International Licensing, International Patent Prosecution, Internet Patents, Internet Trademarks, Lanham Act, Literary Property, Mechanical Intellectual Property, Mechanical Patent Prosecution, Mechanical Patents, Medical Intellectual Property, Patent Infringement, Patent Interference Practice, New Media Law, Patent Applications, Medical Patents, Merchandising, Metallurgical Patents, Molecular Biology Patents, Patent Licensing, Patent Litigation, Patent Portfolio Management, Patent Prosecution, Pharmaceutical Patent Prosecution, Pharmaceutical Patents, Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property, Patent Protection
Litigation Civil Litigation, Chemical Products Liability, Breast Implant Litigation, Chemical Explosions, Class Action Defense, Class Action Prosecution, Complex and Multi-District Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Automotive Restraints, Automotive Warranty Law, Automotive Products Liability, Automotive Design Liability, Blood Bank Liability, Breach of Warranty, Bicycle Products Liability, Biomedical Products Liability, Airbag Injury, Automotive Crashworthiness, All Terrain Vehicle Products Liability, Diet Drug Litigation, Defense Litigation, Complex Litigation, Dalkon Shield Litigation, Drug and Medical Device Defense, Drug and Medical Device Litigation, Trial Practice, Tobacco Litigation, U.S. Supreme Court Litigation, Vaccine Injury, Vehicle Rollovers, Recreational Products Liability, Propane Products Liability, Products Liability Subrogation, Products Liability Mediation, Tire/Rim Mismatch, Tire Defect Litigation, Seat Belt Injury, Recreational Vehicle Products Liability, Personal Injury Litigation, Office Equipment Products Liability, Motorcycle Products Liability, Manufacturers Liability, International litigation, Industrial Products Liability, Long-Arm Litigation, Lemon Law, Products Liability Defense, Products Liability Insurance Coverage, Products Liability Arbitration, Product Warning Labels, Product Recall, Product Safety, Product Failure, Product Defects, Drug Contamination, E-Discovery, Engineering Products Liability, Elevator Liability, Escalator Liability, Environmental Products Liability, Explosions, Federal Civil Litigation, Heavy Equipment Products Liability, Heart Device Litigation, Gas Explosions, Food Products Liability, Food Borne Disease, Flammable Fabrics, Firearms Litigation, Federal Litigation, Welding Products Liability, Warranty Law


  • 9th Circuit (Active), Arizona (Active), California (Active), US Supreme Court (Active)

Law School

  • U of Chicago

  • Last Updated: October 24, 2021
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  • Phoenix, Arizona, Maricopa County
  • Accept Credit Cards: No
  • Free Consultations: No

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